This is a work of fiction and should not be construed as advocating illegal, violent, or subversive acts, up to and including the armed overthrow of the United States Government. Children and the easily offended should redirect their attentions as this work may contain nudity, sexual acts, profane language, violence, and deeply disturbing combinations of these base ingredients. Additionally, if this consumption of this material is illegal in your location, please secure your VPN and leave. I repeat, this is a work of fiction.

Ah, forget all that... this is also the second volume of Maximum Speed and Violence, which means I'm not trying to make any big statements about life and fate or anything of substance. Bullets and stupidity are the word of the day, with maybe a little dose of true romance. So kick back and enjoy the mayhem! (See MORE for the previous Volumes.)

Now that we're past the disclaimers, I hope you enjoy the story.