Cryptida is part Raiders of the Lost Ark, part Jurassic Park, part Duck Tales... the adventures of the Department of Cryptozoology are an ongoing work. See Childhood's End for an extended canon crossover with author Microraptor's comic!

Long running, epic, and with a huge reader base, Data Chasers sets the bar very very high. This is an ongoing work.

Modern civilization falls in Dark Horse and it is up to the fae and their allies to resist the dark impulses unleashed by crisis. This is an ongoing work.

Autumn Bay is a weird place where the conspiracies are just the tip of the iceberg. Authors Professor Etheric and Sarah Sophia are stand up people, and they have many, many stories to tell of this amazing city, so much so that I have canonically borrowed it as a setting on numerous occasions. This work is on hiatus.

Kings Club is fast, epic, and superbly drawn mafioso vs. mercinaries mayhem! This is on hiatus.

Bounty Hunter

The author of Bounty Hunter and I had a small side wager on who can rack up the highest body count. I lost. This is a completed work.